Accredited PEPPOL Service Provider

LHDN E-Invoicing Middleware Service Provider

Why ManageTradeX?

Trusted connections & streamlined transactions

Total visibility of spend across all ERPs with line-level detail provides the insight and control you need to achieve world-class performance.

Handle exceptions at the point of invoice submission, reducing delays and avoiding errors. Effortless transacting without human intervention is possible and ManageTradeX is the way to get there.

Release liquidity to all your suppliers for a risk-free return while generating millions in cost savings and ensuring a healthy supply chain.

Whether it's AP or AR, go beyond cost-cutting, maximize your business operations potential and enhance decision-making in the front office.

Discover end-to-end business solutions for endless possibilities


Digitize your invoice processing through streamlined operations, remove redundant and unnecessary back-office processes to allow your front office to prosper. No software or hardware installation - exchange invoicing data with your vendors in any format and let us do the rest.

Data Analytics

Be competitive amongst your competitors as well as your customers by capitalising on data transformation. Access your data in real-time and improve your procurement decisions.


ManageTradeX ecosystem connects Buyers and Suppliers for seamless, faster and safer trades. Be confident, be agile and be in-line with the market through ManageTradeX network.


Flexible and highly configurable. Streamline your AP Processes from initial receipt right up to submission for payments, providing reporting and a full audit trail of activity.


Manage your cashflow through ManageTradeX Early Payment. Get paid early or receive cost savings - all in all maintain a positive relationship through cashflow management.


ManageTradeX Integration allows you to send or receive data seamlessly and capitalize on fully automated invoice processing with 24/7 access to real-time reporting.

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