What is AR automation?

Accounts receivable is a critical component of a company's financial operations, representing the outstanding payments owed by customers for goods or services provided. It includes the invoicing process, tracking payments, and managing collections to ensure timely receipt of funds. Managing accounts receivable effectively is crucial for maintaining healthy cash flow, and sustaining the financial health of the organization. By effectively monitoring and collecting receivables, businesses can enhance liquidity, optimize their working capital and strengthen their overall financial position.

Accounts receivable automation aims to enhance efficiency, reduce manual errors, accelerate cash flow, and provide real-time visibility into receivables. By automating repetitive tasks, AR automation enables organizations to allocate resources effectively, improve customer relationships,

Overall, AR automation can significantly streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve the financial performance of businesses by optimizing the management of accounts receivable processes.

Benefits of ManageTradeX AR automation

Eliminating manual tasks, reducing errors and lower operational costs

Achieve 100% digitalization. Send invoices locally by connecting to our network and globally through Peppol

Efficient invoicing process results in faster payments and improves cash flow

Compliance with local e-invoicing regulations and tax requirements

Embrace Automation for Efficiency, Accuracy, and Financial Success!

ManageTradeX AR Automation Solution

AR automation empowers you to automate customer invoicing efficiently and accurately, benefiting both your organization and your customers.

Our AR automation solution automates invoice process to reduce manual effort, improve accuracy, accelerate payment collection, optimize cash flow, and enhance overall efficiency in managing accounts receivable process. By accessing real-time invoice data, you can enhance visibility and control over your accounts receivable.

ManageTradeX AR solution digitalizes the invoicing process and enables businesses to stay compliant with regulations, allowing real-time visibility into invoice processing and compliance status.

An efficient, compliant AR automation solution

that simplifies your invoicing

Invoice Delivery

Secure and guaranteed network invoice delivery, both locally and globally


Adhere to local tax regulations and data formats


Monitor real-time updates of the invoice status.

  • Regulatory compliant status
  • Invoice delivery status
  • Invoice processing status

Invoice Validation

Validate inbound and outbound documents meeting the necessary criteria.

  • Data validation against configured business rules
  • Exception handling at point of submission

Integration with ERP System

Seamlessly integrate with the host systems to automate the sending and receiving of data.

Analytics & Reports

Real-time monitoring and reporting of performance metrics to provide insights on areas for improvement and addressing issues promptly.

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