Malaysia LHDN E-Invoicing Mandate Compliance by 1st August 2024

The Malaysian government has implemented a mandatory E-Invoicing system to streamline tax processes and enhance transparency. Businesses with an annual turnover of RM100 million or more are required to adhere to this mandate by August 1, 2024, while all other businesses must comply by July 1, 2025.

Recognising the substantial impact on the industry, we are pleased to introduce our e-Invoicing solution to ensure prompt compliance with mandatory regulations, and facilitate businesses for a smooth implementation of the policy.

Embrace E-Invoicing Journey With ManageTradeX

ManageTradeX empowers businesses the flexibility to choose between complete e-invoices automation with seamless systems connectivity OR online self-service portal for secure exchange and manage e-invoice processes with the customers.

Standard - ManageTradeX Portal

  • Available as subscription basis
  • Suitable for SMEs with low to medium number of invoices
  • Fast & easy onboarding and immediate compliance with mandatory regulations
  • No additional software or hardware required
  • Streamlines B2B communication with options for End-to-End electronic document exchange with customers and suppliers
  • Exchange other documents such as quotes, purchase orders, delivery orders with your trading partners online
  • Flips purchase orders to invoices with ease

Integration - ManageTradeX Automation

  • For businesses with substantial volume of invoices
  • Minimum or no changes to your existing ERP / Accounting systems
  • Stay updated and worry free from the future LHDN enhancement
  • Auto data enrichment and transformation to accommodate missing LHDN data fields in your host systems
  • Data validation and exceptions handling between systems
  • Secure transmission & encryption
  • Flexible and customizable integration flows
  • Eliminating the need for manual entry and reducing the risk of human errors
  • Professional technical services offered to help seamlessly integrate your systems with ManageTradeX

Hybrid - ManageTradeX Portal + Automation

  • Combination of B2B portal and automation option for greater business efficiency
  • We offer tailored solutions to meet your business requirements

Interested to know how we can facilitate your e-Invoicing mandate compliance?

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