What is e-Invoicing?

Millions of invoices are exchanged between sellers and buyers every day — sending, receiving and processing invoices traditionally has involved labor-intensive and error-prone manual procedures.

e-Invoicing is a process of sending and receiving invoices in a structured digital format between businesses, customers and suppliers electronically throughout the entire document life cycle from issuance to archiving. It uses a variety of technologies and standards to automate the invoicing process which can save time, reduce errors and improve cash flow.

e-Invoicing is becoming increasingly popular in many countries as governments around the world are mandating the use of e-invoicing for businesses to improve tax compliance and reduce frauds.

Benefits of ManageTradeX e-Invoicing

Reduce operational cost

Reduce manual efforts and greater accuracy translate into lower costs for both suppliers and customers. This frees employees to spend more time on value-add tasks and work more strategically.

Reduce Risks

Improve internal controls, reducing the potential risks of fraud and mistakes, and enhance invoice audit capabilities.

Simplified e-Invoice generation

Using ManageTradeX Supplier Network, suppliers can quickly convert POs into invoices or produce non-PO invoices. Save time and effort at the same time increase efficiency and accuracy.


Ensures invoicing and tax compliance everywhere you operate

Enhance visibility and control

Provides greater visibility into the invoicing process, enabling businesses to track invoices, monitor payment status and identify issues more easily. This can lead to better cash flow management and improved decision-making.

Supplier Discount

Suppliers offer discounts for fast payment — and impose penalties when payments are late. e-Invoicing can alert and inform customers early and enjoy supplier early-payment incentives.

ManageTradeX e-Invoicing Solution

ManageTradeX e-Invoicing is an affordable, all-inclusive solution that simplifies and automates all of your AP/AR invoicing operations, enabling a safe and highly efficient document exchange with all of your buyers and suppliers. It was developed to address the challenges of the continuous digital transformation and complies with the latest legal regulations and modern data transmission standards.

With ManageTradeX's integrated solution, accounting teams can achieve fully automated financial document flows directly between company ERP systems. Regardless of your industry, business size or technical maturity you can send, convert, receive and process all your invoices electronically. ManageTradeX e-Invoicing solution results in both higher quality data and lower operational costs.

E-invoices go beyond simple digital invoices

An e-invoice is not just a paperless invoice

Inbound e-Invoicing

No matter how your supplier sends you invoices, ManageTradeX convert invoices into electronic data and gain full visibility of your supplier invoices.

  • Configurable invoicing rules to fit your specific business needs
  • Connect with all your suppliers via single supplier portal
  • Gain access to complete, accurate and real-time data
  • Efficient invoice management and monitoring
  • Seamless connection to your financial / ERP system with ManageTradeX Integration solution
  • Customizable invoice approval workflows
  • Invoice verification function to prevent errors, overpayments and frauds

Outbound e-Invoicing

Through ManageTradeX e-Invoicing, you can ensure timely invoice delivery to your buyers worldwide.

  • Create invoices online with user friendly interface
  • Data capture from uploaded invoices with OCR/AI technology effortlessly
  • Send invoice data directly to ManageTradeX using our Integration solution
  • Flip PO to invoice option with ease
  • Secured & guaranteed network invoice delivery

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